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Brauchla Clinic specializes in chiropractic and functional medicine. We are a family oriented, high-tech facility with six treatment rooms, a complete X-ray/exam suite with technology to measure muscle imbalance and nerve interference.


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We focus on chiropractic and functional medicine. Our services include:


Techniques include Activator, ArtrhoStim, Logan Basic and Impulse

Functional Medicine

Feature diagnostics include Heart Health, Food and Inhalant Sensitivity, Sleep & Stress (Adrenal), Organic Gut, Men's Health, Women's Health and DNA
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Brain Health

Learning Disabilities, Memory problems, Anxiety, Ballance issues, Reading speed and comprehension, Fine movements, Speech problems
What Does Zing Do? Zing Performance for Sports Developing The Cerebellum Why is reading hard work? Why have I got ADD or ADHD? Introduction To The Science Used By Zing Performance

Spinal Exams / X-Rays

We use up-to-date technology equipment, such as MyoVision to evaluate your nervous system and to look for spinal bones that are misaligned

Nutritional Supplementation

Since your body needs all the basic building blocks for you to be able to heal and function correctly we help you with proper nutrition.

Nutrition Supplements

You can order supplements from the confort of your own home by visiting Vitalleohealth.com


The following are just a few of our patients that were pleased with our services.

MOBILITY ISSUES AND PAIN - "I have been pleased with my results at the Brauchla Clinic and feel that I have benefitted from receiving treatment here. Anyone suffering from pain or mobility issues should consider the Brauchla Clinic. The Doctors consider the whole person and treat each one with professionalism and courtesy while analyzing the problem and planning through treatments of various kinds. The Doctors educate and explain the procedures to further understand the need for treatment. The nutritional aspects of patient care is also individualized."

Linda R.

KIDNEY FUNCTION - After having kidney problems for a number of years, I had reached an all-time low. My kidney function three months ago was at 37%, at the recommendation of my wife, I started coming to Dr. Clint Brauchla 3 weeks ago, not for my kidneys, but because I couldn’t walk more than two steps without using my walker. During my treatment I mentioned to Dr. Clint my kidney problems. Also, I had a bad problem with headaches since early childhood. Many times, they were so severe that my vision was blurred. Dr. Clint suggested a combination of supplements to help my kidneys and headaches, and began adjusting my back. After three weeks, I no longer use my walker. I have only had one mild headache and, best of all, the kidney doctor was astounded that my kidney function has gone from 37% to 58%. I don’t have to return for a full year!

Jim A.

LOW VITAMIN D - When I started here my vitamin D level tested at a very low level. I was currently taking a high-potency vitamin from my family doctor and it was doing nothing. I started the chewable vitamin D supplement from Brauchla Clinic, and four weeks later my vitamin D level is significantly improving. I stopped taking the one from my family doctor when I started the chewable from Brauchla Clinic. Yeah!

Lori R.

BED WETTING - I have had an issue with bed wetting for a long time. Since I've been coming to get adjusted, I am only wetting the bed once in a while. I now have more confidence in myself. For the first time ever, I am able to have sleepovers with friends and family.

Nycole L.

DIABETIC NEUROPATHY PAIN - I asked Dr. Kelly about bilateral diabetic neuropathy pain. She changed my usual back pattern to both legs. I was totally shocked at the relief. I actually was able to shop at Walmart the next day. I haven’t been able to walk around Walmart in about three months. It was great, the shopping and the pain relief.

Linda J.

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - I have been on Requip for two years which makes me dizzy and sleepy as well as fearful to drive. Fortunately, I talked to a gentleman in the PT room at the Brauchla Clinic who mentioned how the Edison Pack had done wonders for the same condition as mine (restless leg syndrome). I asked the doctor about it and we decided to try it. Now, less than a month later my RLS has subsided and I have been able to quit taking Requip! The Edison pack is amazing. I would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone with this condition.

Ann B.

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY - Never thought it was possible! I have been coming to Brauchla clinic for a few months. I have feeling, returned to my right foot and toes. I also have noticed the most dramatic change is my anxiety levels. my depression and my negative thoughts have decreased significantly. I am so thankful for this. it's refreshing to go to the doctor and get to leave with instant relief of my anxiety and depression without medicine. Thank you!

Kobe S.

CONSIDERING SURGERY - I've been a patent for almost a year and a half. The team at the Brauchla Clinic are WONDERFUL! I’ve tried medicine, exercise, everything, all with no relief. I had even gone to several other doctors and was considering surgery. They told me to never let a chiropractor touch me. Thanks to the Brauchla Clinic, I no longer have to go through life miserable. It helps... it really helps! Thank you Dr. Brauchla.

Betty D.

HEALTHIER, HAPPIER BABY - I brought my son in when he was about nine months old because of ear infections. He had been given antibiotics once and it hadn’t really recovered and after trying to wait it out, I wanted to try something other than antibiotics. Since I had already sent most everybody else in my life to try the chiropractor, I figured it was definitely worth the try. After maybe two weeks, not only had his ear infections cleared up, but he stopped having constant runny nose and all the sudden he was a much happier baby. after the first visit he was making what I can only describe as happy noises., and they were brand new noises. He has only gotten better since then. he is no nearing the point where he will only need occasional maintenance and he is a brand-new baby. He’s happy and communicative and hitting all his milestones and then some! as my mother, before chiropractic work, I worried that he wasn’t crawling like he should be, or trying to walk and he certainly didn’t jabber like our first kid. I get kids are different, but it felt like more to me, and after just two visits, all the sudden he was doing all of it. I am so happy and so grateful to Dr. Clint and Dr. Kelly Brauchla for everything they have done for my family and my kid. I wouldn’t and don’t hesitate to recommend the Brauchla Clinic to everyone I know.

Christina L.

MIGRAINES - Over the holiday break I had zero migraines or headaches, which for me, is unheard of.

Lauri A.

RUNNING AGAIN - My name is Kate, and I am 27 years old. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis and Spondylosis of the Fifth lumbar vertebra. During my senior year in high school, I was an avid runner and varsity tennis player. Due to my condition, I was forced to quit and I was so sad. I went to several orthopedic doctors and they all said back surgery was my only option. I said no to surgery, so they told me I would never be able to run or play sports again. They put me in a back brace and prescribed me 800mg of ibuprofen. I was told to come back when I was ready to have the surgery because my condition would only get worse. living hopelessly 24/7 in excruciating pain sitting, walking, standing, I became super sad and accepted my life would be painful and medicated. Then, two years ago I found Brauchla Clinic. Upon consultation, x-rays, and following a specific treatment plan, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Clint completely corrected and fixed my spine. Continuing treatment, my goal was to run my first half marathon. That goal led to eleven completed half marathons, pain and medication FREE! I am currently training for my twelfth marathon. My life is so happy and bright now, words cannot describe how thankful I am every day for Dr. Kelly and Dr. Clint at Brauchla Clinic.

Kate M.

GETTING MY INDEPENDENCE BACK - When I first started here, I could not walk without assistance. I had to go buy a cane. I lost my independence. Every time I go out to eat at a restaurant with my family, even just sitting for twenty minutes, I could not get up or go to the bathroom without help. I was not able to do any house or yard work. I was frustrated because I was dependent on everyone for everything. After three weeks, I was able to go out on my own. I am gaining my independence back. I am also able to do my own gardening, mowing, and all yard work again. I got my life back. No cane!

Richard J.

BACK AND HIP PROBLEMS - I can actively run and play basketball again! View More

Matt M.

BACK PAIN - Can now run 3 miles without pain and is training for a half marathon. View More


TRAUMATIC BIRTH - pediatricians can't believe she's hitting all her milestones months early! View More

Marley Jo


Dr. Clint Brauchla and Dr. Kelly Brauchla both received their Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree and is licensed to practice acupuncture and chiropractic in Indiana. Below is our team that is here to help you!

Dr. Clint Brauchla, D.C.

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Dr. Kelly Brauchla, D.C.

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Anna Bush

Chiropractor Assistant
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Myra Tillery

Chiropractor Assistant
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Summer Short

Chiropractor Assistant
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Health Certificates

New patients can download or print health certificates to recieve discounts on thier first visit. Present health certificate at time of service.

Chiropractic Health Certificate

  • Consultation
  • Exams
  • X-Rays (if needed)
  • Inflammation
  • Vitamin D Testing


Valued at $537

Brain Health

  • Consultation
  • Eye Tracking Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment


Valued at $159

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523 W. 38th Street | Anderson, Indiana 46013


765 642 7246

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